No, Really…Thanks. You’ve Been a Huge Help.

Job 26 Job's three friends have stopped talking. They talked and talked and finally sputtered to a halt with no more words to say. My imagination runs a bit at this scene - does Job pause and take a moment to look at each friend, making eye contact one by one? I picture Job waiting … Continue reading No, Really…Thanks. You’ve Been a Huge Help.

Children and Stars

Job 25 Six small verses to mark the last words of Bildad, the last of Job's friends to speak into (or rather against) his suffering. Bildad chooses to give the Sunday School answer, tried and true, already given a million and one half times before. If you've ever taught Children's Church or Sunday School, you … Continue reading Children and Stars

The God Who Sees

Job 24 Where is God in the middle of widespread injustice, poverty, oppression, suffering, heartache, trials, persecution, calamity, struggle...? Job wants to know if God keeps office hours so he can ask God about all of the suffering around him. "Why are not times of judgment kept by the Almighty, and why do those who … Continue reading The God Who Sees

Really Afraid for a Really Good Reason

Job 23 He says if we seek Him we will find Him, when we seek for Him with all our heart (Jeremiah 29:13). But I've been seeking with every ounce of strength in my heart before and found only dark rooms and empty hallways. Please, explain the dead silence. Explain the locked doors. Tell me … Continue reading Really Afraid for a Really Good Reason

Careful not to Choke on the Bones

Job 22 Well we've come to the middle-ish part of Job's story. His suffering has been well documented. His friends have opined and advised ad nauseum. Job has offered his own solemn questions, sorrows, and personal doubts to God Himself. But wait...there's more. Just a few last words from Eliphaz and then Bildad (chapter 25). … Continue reading Careful not to Choke on the Bones

He Said What He Said

Job 21 Hang on a minute. Let me say what I'm gonna say. Then you can carry on with your mocking. But just think for a second - was I talking to you? No? Then maybe you should shut-up. Okay, so maybe Job didn't say it quite like that. He said what he said, though. … Continue reading He Said What He Said

With Friends Like These…

Job 20 Just pause for 20 seconds in the grocery checkout line and read the magazine covers. First, note how they are all aimed at women, mainly because marketing companies know women typically do the household shopping. Second, note how each headline creates a crisis (oh, no!) and then offers the magic solution (oh, good). … Continue reading With Friends Like These…

Thoughts on Easter – But, What Do I Know?

Job 19 On a recent drive to a city south of us, I was reminded, Winter is not forever; Spring does come back around each year. On the drive down, we commented on the green haze around the trees, the bright blue sky with the fluffiest clouds, and the warmth from the sun through the … Continue reading Thoughts on Easter – But, What Do I Know?

The Hunt for Words

Job 18 It's so hard to give more time to Bildad. But God allows him this space to say what he said, to accuse Job yet again. And if I am weary of the words Bildad utters, how much more was Job weary! And if Job was weary of Bildad's inane diatribe, how much more … Continue reading The Hunt for Words

Broken and Spilled Out

Job 16 & 17 Every couple of years, I like to contemplate my own demise. When I say "like," I mean I do it, whether I like to or not. When I say "contemplate," I mean I obsess over the inevitable approach of my last breath. When I say "demise," I mean when I exit … Continue reading Broken and Spilled Out